Thursday, June 18, 2020

Much to our surprise, we got to participate in a "Defund the Police" protest

First, we heard loud chants that sounded as if they were coming from the park down the street.  But then the chants got louder and louder, and we realized that the protest was passing directly below our windows!  By the time we put on our facemasks and walked downstairs, the protesters had moved on, but they hadn't gone very far--it turned out that their "target" was a city councilperson whose apartment was only a block away.  And since there were parked cars that funneled the protesters right down the middle of the street, folks who wanted to participate while maintaining social distancing just stayed on the sidewalks.  One woman was even banging a pot lid out of her first-floor apartment window, while a man stood on the stairs at a building entrance holding a baby.  The police themselves had the good sense to put plenty of distance between themselves and the protesters.  I'm happy to report that the protest was very peaceful.


Blogger Coyote said...

Hi Shira,

I don't have anything to say in regards to this specific blog post of yours, but I was wondering if you would please be willing to respond to my comments in your old (2009) blog post here:

I doubt that you actually saw these comments of mine and thus I want to bring your attention to them so that you can actually respond to them. I previously tried e-mailing you in regards to this but unfortunately never actually got any response from you. :(

Thu Jun 18, 06:59:00 PM 2020  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Sorry, Coyote, but my "blogger e-mail address" seems to have been taken over by spammers, so I don't check it anymore. I'll have a look at your comment.

Thu Jun 18, 09:20:00 PM 2020  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Coyote, thanks for those comments to that old post of mine. You made a good point. I've added a new comment in response.

Thu Jun 18, 09:37:00 PM 2020  
Blogger Coyote said...

Thank you, Shira! I have now added a couple of new comments on that 2009 blog post of yours in response to your recent comment there! Please take a look at my new comments there whenever you are able to and also please respond to them if you think that you have anything to say in response to them. :)

Sun Jun 21, 06:46:00 PM 2020  
Blogger Coyote said...

Responded again. :)

Mon Jun 22, 06:17:00 PM 2020  

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